Saturday, September 22, 2007

Mystic, CT

JF and I went up to Mystic, CT over Labor Day Weekend for our engagement party. We tried to visit the LYS, Mystic Yarns, but it was closed by the time we got there.

All I got to see was what I could make out through the window. It was a very sad moment :'-(

On the bright side JF's parents put out "engagement toys" for us alongside the cake. (No, sicko, it's now what you're thinking.) As you can see JF got a little NASCAR model car and I got this Ty sheep stuffed animal. On closer examination it looked a bit like a rabbit so I named her, of course "Sheeprabbit." Every now and then she likes to strip off her dress and run around the apartment yelling "Naked sheep! Naked sheep!" but that's a story for another post.

Speaking of sheep I have an amusing ancedote. In one of my wedding magazines they had a photo shoot with a bride holding a little lamb. That got me obsessed with the idea of having "wedding sheep" at the ceremony. Where would you go to rent one out? Anyway, I called a florist today to try to make an appointment to come in. The lady on the phone was like you'll have to call back because "the owner is out with the wedding sheep." I got all excited and exclaimed, "OMG, I was just saying that I really wanted wedding sheep at the ceremony! That would be awesome if you could provide sheep in addition to the flowers!" It was later that I realized she had said "wedding sheet" as in the piece of paper where they wrote down all their appointments. Oopsy.


Alyssa said...

A wedding sheep would be awesome! I think you should do it.

lekkercraft said...

i completely agree. wedding sheep. seriously.

Anonymous said...

Remember to hire a Wedding Sheep Herder... or,uh, think '' and then think if you want the photographer you hired (not a friend, guy your friend knows, etc), so you can remember with great photography, may be averse to animal photography. What if they decide to join the guests at the buffet table? Or run away in fear (like sheep)and become a sad problem? Yikes! Enjoy your wedding and the people there instead! Love and hugs (really..."all the best, to you and your fiance`"), from Knitting Knut Who Has Seen Crazy Wedding Problems