Thursday, September 28, 2006

Since I missed last year's Flash Your Stash Day (Yes, I had a stash, just not a blog to flash it on) I thought I would have my own personal FYSD. After spending time with JF's 1 year old niece I rediscovered the joys of Peek-A-Boo. So on that theme here goes:
Oh, what a nice faux wicker basket...
...full of yarn!
Hmmm innocent looking baskets on the shelves...
...full of yarn!
What a pretty fabric case...
...full of yarn, err...I mean needles!
But where oh where are the...
...straight knitting needles?!

Not to be outdone my assorted knitting notions wanted to get some camera time.

Then my sheep sketches wanted to say hi:

Helloooo sheep!

The End :-)

Sunday, September 17, 2006

It's my pleasure to introduce......
Mousie, Mousie!
I used the pattern from Toys to Knit by Tracy Trapman. The head is kind of bobbly but the scarf keeps it in place for the most part. He's my little punk rocker! Also the tail was a bit of a challenge. The pattern tells you to make an I-cord with 8 stitches which is a lot for an I-cord. It took me a few tries before I realized you have to pull the first and last stitches really tight to make it work.
He wasted no time making new friends :-)

I also finished a really pretty pillow for my mother. I used a variegated yarn of pinks/greens/blues and cream. I sewed four mitered sqares together for the front. Then I used a fuzzy pink yarn in stockinette stitch for the back. I designed the pattern myself. Unfortunatley I went ahead and gave it to her last night before taking a picture! However, it was a 4 month late belated birthday present :-o so it needed to go out. Next time I go over there I'll have to take a pic so everyone can see my handiwork.

There's another reason to put me in the knitting blogger hall of shame. Last weekend I went up with JF to the Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival. We did take many pictures. However, when we returned home we realized the camera was nowhere to be found! I think we might have left it at Cracker Barrel where we ate dinner on the way home. Mmm, Cracker Barrel. Anyway there are soooo many pictures of cute sheep and alpacas in there. Not to mention all the glorious yarn! We saw a sheep being sheared and border collies herding sheep which was really interesting. There was also a Llama Obstacle Course and a Drop in and Spin demo. It was a lot smaller than Maryland and Rhinebeck but I secretly like it better that way. The crowds aren't overbearing and there's more yarn for me! I did take some pictures once I got home:

Here's a brochure about my favorite sheep breed-the Leicester Longwool. It has curly hair like me! Below are some very fat sheep on the cover of the festival program.
Here's some stuff I purchased at the Vermont S&WF: a festival t-shirt, a book of knitting short stories, some pretty stitch markers, a double point needle holder, and the softest alpaca (I couldn't resist making one yarn purchase!

Then we went to the Knit-Out in Union Square this afternoon. Again no camera. Even if I had remembered to bring mine I've dropped it so many times that the zoom button literally fell off. So everything ends up being taken from too far away! I handed out a few cards advertising my knitting group the UES Knitters:

It was a very sunny day and, as usual, thousands of people were there. We took in a bit of the fashion show and all the retailer booths. It's funny how AC-Moore and Michael's and all the yarn brands they sell (Lion Brand, Caron, Paton's) have booths there and yet they don't have stores in Manhattan! At this point I'll admit that I'm too much of a yarn snob to shop there anyway for anything but needles. We got in line to recieve a free pair of Clover glow-in-the dark needles but of course they ran out as we approached the front of the line. Anyway, then we met up with our friends from Sit 'n Knit on the lawn at Union Square Park. It was nice to take a break from all the crowds to just relax and do our favorite thing-knit!

Here are some pics from last year's Knit-Out. I was gonna try to pawn them off as from today but I think some of you die-hards would see right through my ruse!

Lovely Knitted Displays.....
Me and Lilly Chin!!

Ok I think I made up for my lack of recent postings. As you can see I've been really busy with knitting and knitting related events :-)