Thursday, September 28, 2006

Since I missed last year's Flash Your Stash Day (Yes, I had a stash, just not a blog to flash it on) I thought I would have my own personal FYSD. After spending time with JF's 1 year old niece I rediscovered the joys of Peek-A-Boo. So on that theme here goes:
Oh, what a nice faux wicker basket...
...full of yarn!
Hmmm innocent looking baskets on the shelves...
...full of yarn!
What a pretty fabric case...
...full of yarn, err...I mean needles!
But where oh where are the...
...straight knitting needles?!

Not to be outdone my assorted knitting notions wanted to get some camera time.

Then my sheep sketches wanted to say hi:

Helloooo sheep!

The End :-)

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