Monday, February 05, 2007

So I have a new hobby now-beading! Check out my purchases from this weekend:
I bought all kinds of beads and pins and tools and this case to organize them.
And I made these neat stitch markers. It took me a few tries before I was able to get it right but then I was addicted!

I used a tutorial from the Fall 2006 issue of IN Knitters. They said to use "T pins" for the base. JF took me to three different craft stores before we located some. When I got home it didn't seem to be working. After checking out a few people's blogs I realized they meant to say "head pins." I actually e-mailed the editor of the magazine about it.

Fortunately I had bought a package of "eye pins" which are similar and I used those to make the stitch markers above. I quickly ran out and was having beading withdrawal. When I went to my office at the end of the day I found this package on my desk from the Pin Fairy:
Look what was inside:
If anyone's looking for some cool handmade stitch markers-you've come to the right blog :-)

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aruni said...

As it turns out, I was totally wrong about the camera...Mine (or rather, my fiance's) is a Casio Exilim EX-Z30. It's fairly slim, has a large screen, and has a rechargeable battery. My parents have an HP photosmart camera (not sure which model)--it also has a rechargeable battery and a decent screen, but is a little more bulky. I think it has more features, though. I really like the Exilim.

By the way, the stitch markers look GREAT and I would totally buy a set or two!