Saturday, February 10, 2007

I've been promising some pics of recent FO's and in an effort to avoid showing pics of my Glittens with another two rows done I'm finally going to deliver!

Here are some pics of the finished "Wine Country Sweater" or "Purple Sweater" as I've been referring to it as. I finished it in December just in time to give to JF's dad for Hanukah:

Here is Mr. F admiring his newly purchased yarn......and here he is modeling the finished sweater:

Here's the "Racing Stripes Scarf" JF and I designed together this past December:
I knit it using Aussie Wool I bought at Seaport Yarn. JF loves NASCAR and since Jimmie Johnson is his favorite driver we used the colors of his race car. It took trips to many yarn stores to find the right colors and wool that was soft enough for a scarf. I guess Seaport Yarn really does have everything!

This wool comes from Australian sheep and then it is dyed in China. The language barrier is apparent when the the color Mystic Purple is obviously blue and the color Onyx is green instead of black like the stone. I also don't quite understand why the yellow color I used in the scarf is called Honeymoon. Any guesses?

I knit the scarf the long way on 40" circs and was relieved when I bound off that it came out the length we had planned on. I had to redo the fringe on one side after getting a little overzealous with the scissors trying to make the ends even. He's been wearing it everyday so I guess it's a winner!


lekkercraft said...

now that sweater is gorgeous! and i love the longways racing scarf. I've been meaning to start one of those too. So nice that it was a team effort too ;)

ps - thanks for the link to the bear pattern. It might be fun to make a stuffed animal - that pattern is mighty cute!

HPNY Knits said...

NICE "purple" sweater!!!