Thursday, February 01, 2007

There, I said it. I'm not bashing socks any. I was an avid sock knitter myself in 2006. I suppose now that the cold weather has finally arrived we're all realizing those fingerless gloves we loved last spring and fall are not going to cut it anymore. Plus there are all those neat folk mitten patterns using Fair Isle to make it interesting. Other advanced techniques include using a provisional cast on and making each individual finger. Here's some updated pics of my Glittens:

The thumb and pinkie are done!
I used to balk at the price of fancy beaded stitch markers. Then I picked some up at sheep and wool festivals and now I can't go back to the little pink and blue plastic circles. I'll admit sometimes the larger glass ones can weigh your project down and feel a bit awkward. Plus you have to make sure you keep the bead to the front of the work. Otherwise it gets trapped in the knitting and when you try to pull it out it leaves a big hole. After reading an article in a knitting magazine I decided to try to make my own. I looked for the right pliers at AC Moore and online but think I'm going to go to Lowe's this weekend to pick some up. Soon I'll be making ones like these:
In an effort to not drive my roomate crazy with all my knitting paraphenalia scattered about the living room I re-organized and gave them a clever disguise:

I also found that I had so many cords around that looked unsightly between the chargers for my Treo and Ipod and the card reader for my camera. I now keep them partially hidden in here:

Ok, time to work on the the other fingers on these Glittens so I can wear them before Spring!


aruni said...

those mittens are looking great! i've never tried them, but i'm inspired...i love the combination of colors.

Anonymous said...

You said it! Yes, mittens/gloves are the new socks, as long as your finger circulation doesn't get cut off, right? The glittens are looking great.--Penelope

Carrie said...

Nice glittens!

Sadly, I am busy all this month on Tuesday nights (and into the future as well) - coincidentally that is the night on which I most frequently go to the opera! Oh well...