Saturday, March 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandma Jean!

I came back from Charleston a few weeks ago just in time to attend my Grandma Jean's 90th birthday party. I guess longevity must run in my family! JF and I drove out to my aunt Gerri's on Long Island for the occasion. It was great to see all my aunts, uncles, and cousins that I haven't seen since my engagement party back in September (Shoot, I was trying to keep this post free of wedding references. Guess I failed!) My dad is the oldest of 5 and all his brother and sisters are married with kids so whenever we get together it's always a big loud group of people. My cousin Laura made a DVD with pictures set to music of my grandma and other family members. She gave us all copies which was really sweet.

I tried to think of what a good gift would be. I mean after all once you're 90 years old you've probably gotten so many gifts it might be hard to get a gift that seems original. So of course I knit her something. During my trip to Charleston I worked on this beret. The first version came out ok for a regular ski hat but didn't have enough floppiness to be a beret so I did some extra increases and the second version came out just right. I used this free online pattern from whatifknits and highly recommend it. I used some bulky weight yarn from Brooks Farm I had in my stash from Rhinebeck '06. Can anyone tell me what the difference between a tam and a beret is? I suppose I could just google it but it's more fun to hear it from my blog readers!

And what's the best part about being 90 years old besides having a big party thrown in your honor?

Meeting your adorable great-grandchild, of course!

I used way too many exclamation points in this post!!!!!


Alyssa said...

Happy Birthday to your grandma. I love the beret. She looks so happy wearing it.

NH Knitting Mama said...

Wonderful! Looks like she had a wonderful day.

aruni said...

both your grandma and your niece are adorable!

by the way, i heard that the yarn harlot is speaking at borders this it worth pushing through the throngs of people? ;)

Carol said...

I went to my Aunt's 80th Birthday Party yesterday. The cake was just about identical. Nice hat by the way!