Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Another One Bites the Dust

I'd been meaning to check out Knits Incredible! a LYS on the UES. I'd heard it was on Lexington Ave somewhere between 68th St. and 70th St. on the 2nd floor. It was strange that I had never noticed it on my own but I think I spend most of my time in the area either below 68th St. or above 77th St (where the 4/5/6 stops) so I suppose there were 9 blocks of uncharted territory there.

Anyway....I found the place and pushed a bunch of buzzers until someone let me in. A sign said the store was in apartment 1A. When I got up there I was a little taken aback to find the door unlocked revealing an empty dusty room except for a cash register. A sign on the front of the door indicated the landlord now owned the property. I got the feeling the owners must have left in a hurry because the awning on the street was still up and there was no real notice of what had happened. I tried calling the phone number and got a message the number was no longer in service but to try a different number. That number instructed me to leave a message for Ann of Knits Incredible as if the store were still in existence.

When I got home I Googled the store and found out that the store had, in fact, closed suddenly likely sometime in June. Apparently the owner had been having a lot of personal problems and would often close the shop sporadically. A couple women on the Knitters Review forum who had left sweaters there to be finished (they offer this as a service) were now fretting that their sweaters had gone AWOL. I can only imagine!


Annie said...

Yikes! Hey did you hear about the other new yarn store on the UES? It's Annie's something or other, and no I am not at all affiliated! I want to say Madison and 86th, but I could be totally wrong.

nicolina said...

oh my word! give those sweaters back!