Sunday, August 12, 2007

Stitch n' Pitch!

I had a great time at Stitch n' Pitch last Wednesday at Shea Stadium. The day got off to a rocky start when a freak tornado hit NYC and flooded the subways during early morning rush hour. I couldn't make it into work at all as my subway line was down the whole day and the traffic was a nightmare. People commuted for 3-4 hours that day!

I had to contact everyone in Upper East Side Knitters who was going to the game to have them meet me right at Shea instead of at Grand Central as we had planned. Fortunately the 7 line was still running since it was above ground and I was able to get a bus to pick it up at Roosevelt Ave. As you can see above the stadium was packed.

We received these knitting goodie bags full of free yarn, patterns, and the summer issues of Interweave Knits and Knit.1 magazine! Debbie Stoller, Nicky Epstein, and Lily Chin were at the table greeting people.

It was really exciting sitting in the stands and spotting knitters throughout the crowd. The last time I knitted at a baseball game everyone was looking at me like I had two heads!

Here's Aruni stealing sideways glances at Alex's pattern.

Alex's friend Megan was working on the kick-ass sock you saw in the pic above.

Megan was whipping up a pair of wrist warmers in Mets colors with help from her friend Amy.

Here's a zoomed in pic of a woman in the crowd who apparently had crocheted a hat in Mets blue and orange just for the occasion. As for the game itself the Mets were down a few runs to the Braves about halfway in then rallied back to win it 4-3. As if being at a baseball game with hundreds of knitters wasn't exciting enough!

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