Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A New Toy!

I ordered yarn from my new favorite website: Jimmy Beans Wool and couldn't help ordering this cute cake tape measure from Lantern Moon.

Of course it's not like I really need another tape measure since I have the Lantern Moon sheep amongst at least 5 other cute ones and a few plain ones. Yet somehow I can never seem to find one handy when there's something to measure!


Annie said...

I have totally accepted the fact that I have a gazillion tape measures and now have a great time collecting them. I just found one at Knitty City that is a cat and you pull the tail to measure. My cat seems to enjoy it, too. It's now missing.

For that reason alone, one can never have too many tape measures.

Alyssa said...

Don't worry about the purchase. They sucked me in with the little sheep one (soo cute) I tried not to buy it for months and then I just had to.