Monday, June 11, 2007

Needle Organization: Part Deux

In my last post I shared my new circular needle ID tags. I have now completed the next step and broke out this purchase I picked up at WEBS:

"The Circular Solution" is a cloth hanging organizer with labelled slots for most needle sizes:

It was helpful to have all my needles labeled clearly. However, they were all still in a jumble in my Lantern Moon case. If I was looking for one needle I ended up pulling everything out.

I realized that both products are good but the combination of the two are ideal. If I only had the hanging case and not the needle ID tags then when I removed a couple needles from their slots I would still have to use my needle sizer before putting them away.

Yesterday I made a gauge swatch and it was great being able to see right away that I owned Size 13's. Then when my stitches were too loose I went back to the closet and pulled out a set of 11's in just a couple seconds. Sometimes I think I put off projects just because I'm not sure if I own the right needles or I'm in a rush to leave and it's too much trouble to pull out three different needles. In the worst case scenario such as my last pair of socks I was knitting with what I thought were 3's and they were only 2's. My fingers were cramping up and I couldn't figure out why the toe of the sock was way too tight!

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