Saturday, March 24, 2007

I'm a little concerned about the pain I have in my left wrist lately when I knit. I thought at first I was just imagining it and if I ignored it it would go away. It started on the airplane ride to California when I knit for about 4 hours straight on my Secret Feet Socks. I was in the middle seat and even though I was on circular needles my arm tensed up and my wrist started aching by the time we landed. I think the small yarn and needles and trying to do those impossible left slanting M1's didn't help any either. It's continued on and off in the last week. I really hope this isn't a precursor to carpal tunnel. Maybe I should rest it for awhile. Does anyone have any experience with this problem?

Here's the hat I knit for A-M's baby. The yarn is Louisa Harding's Kimono Angora. It's the softest yarn everrrrrrr. The colors came out different when knitted than they did in the skein. It appeared semi-striped in the skein but then looked more variegated when knitted. Hmmm, wonder why that happens. I made up the pattern myself. Since it was my first baby hat I was worried it was too small because I was bad and assumed the gauge of 5.5 stiches to the inch on the label when mine came out closer to 7 stitches per inch. I came to visit and see the baby and when we put it on her head it was actually too big! Which isn't really a problem as she'll grow into it. It was just funny to me as I was all ready to take it back and make a larger size.

When I wasn't looking Merino went ahead and tried the hat on. The only way to get it out of his hooves was to promise to make him his own. Sheep hats....maybe I'm on to something!

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