Monday, February 26, 2007

I finished one Glitten recently and was thinking I'd rather start something else than make the second one. However, I forced myself to sit down to cast on the second glitten. Lo and behold I realized I had misplaced my pattern. I took it with me on a weekend trip but was certain I had it when I got home to refer to as I finished the top. If anyone has a copy of the Glitten pattern by Shelley Kang it would be much appreciated!

Here's some pictures of my lonely Glitten:'s so sad. I have hope the pattern will turn up. My other option is making the second one from memory with the first one as a model. We'll see.

I went up to WEBS this weekend to get more Tahki Ghost Yarn for my vest in progress. When we got there I couldn't find anymore in the right color. An employee told me they took most of it to Stitches and would bring back what didn't sell on Tuesday. I was ready to cry! I went up and down the aisles trying to find some other yarn to cheer me up. Then I came across the Ghost Yarn in a different section and they had 3 balls plus a mystery bag of samples. They didn't charge me for the sample bag since it had no tag and considering how much $$ I was laying out.

Here are updated pics:

When I got home I realized the sample bag contained one full skein!
Unfortunately those skeins I picked up this weekend are a different dye lot than my original ones. The new ones have a brighter pink and a darker shade of tan. Since I'm using them all for the top I'll just consider it a design feature!

I finished knitting the body. Now I just have do the trim on the neck and armholes and darn in all the loose ends and I'm done! Last night I tried seaming the shoulders using the same yarn and mattress stitch. This looked terrible due to the bulkiness. I redid them using a worsted weight pink yarn and a three needle bind off which looked much better.

Ok, I know I'm an official blogger when my roomate no longer questions why I'm posing my knitting and taking close-ups. Although she did look up when I called out to my vest "Smile for me. Now give me a pouty look. Ok, let me see mad; real angry now!" I don't think my vest will have much of a modeling career since it just sat there like an inanimate object. Oh well :-)

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