Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Time After Time

With my wedding now less than 2 weeks away my life has been going something like this, "Wedding, eat, wedding, sleep, weddingweddingwedding!" Every day after work I'm either running to some appointment whether it's finalizing the arrangements with the catering hall/florist/photographer/rabbi/band or rushing around on errands to pick up odds and ends. I have nothing to complain about though. It's been really exciting to see all the details coming into place and to know that I had a large part in making it happen. It feels like an accomplishent.

One new trait I've developed is calling to appointments ahead of time. I'm always the type of person who waits until my hair is a tangled mess before calling the salon for a trim or if it's just calling friends to see what their plans are for Saturday night rather than checking in earlier in the week.

I got on a roll last Friday when I had a day off from work. Looking back at the call log on my phone I called the dress shop, photographer, hotel coordinators at 2 different hotels, spa, hair salon, nail salon, in addition to my aunt, sister, and mother all to either make appointments or discuss little details. The more appointments I made the more I wanted to call other places to make more. It became addictive! I tried thinking of places where JFo might need appointments but he made me stop.

I liked how I could put all the appointments in my PDA calendar and color coordinate them. What I'm finding out is that I need to be flexible as often the other party will cancel or I'll realize that I'm really overbooked or not feeling well and need to reschedule. Now that I'm writing this out it sounds really obvious but this was a revelation for me and my time management skills.

Please share your experiences with time management (or lack thereof) so I can see where I fit in the spectrum.


NH Knitting Mama said...

I think I was born with time management skills. Probably one of my most positive attributes... I keep all my appts. in my iPod Touch, and synch it with my calendar at home on the computer. I set it to remind me a half hour before so I can be sure to be in my vehicle and on my way and make it on time.

I know you're busy with wedding stuff right now, but once things are settled down, I would say only schedule one thing in the morning and one thing in the afternoon for appts. It keeps things sane, and allows for time should things go wrong on the other end.

Alyssa said...

No time management skills but I can help make things!