Thursday, February 07, 2008

Holy Kippah!

JF and I were planning to make kippahs for the men in the bridal party at our wedding. For those not in the know these are the head coverings also known as yarmulkas (or "little hat thingies" as a friend once said) that Jewish men wear. We bought this Lorna's Laces Shepard sock yarn at Webs. I thought the colors were really beautiful.
JF found this pattern online.

The first one we tried was on size 2 needles using the version for fingering weight yarn. I cast on and did the first few rows, JF did the middle part, then I did the decreases. It came out on the large side as you can see above. It's unblocked and looks more like a sombrero than a kippah but you get the idea.

The next version was the fingering weight yarn pattern but on size 1 needles. This was where the project transitioned to me knitting the whole thing....but that's another story. Just like in the Goldilocks story this one was now too small.

You can really see the size difference here. The pattern is intended for the reverse stockinette side to be the public size of the work. We both thought the variegated yarn looked better on the regular stockinette side. For the next prototype I'm going to try the instructions for extra fine yarn on size 1's. Hopefully that will be a keeper as I need to move on to other wedding-related items to knit. This kind of thing always sounds like a good idea until the reality of making all this stuff on a timeline sets in!

This is a little knitting cell phone charm I bought on impulse at the checkout line at WEBS. Unfortunately when I got home I couldn't figure out how to attach it to my Treo. Never one to give up on a knitting related accessory I looped it around the cord of my camera instead.

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