Sunday, February 24, 2008

Choices, Choices, and More Choices

With less than 4 months until my wedding I've been super busy with the planning as you can imagine. In some ways it is somewhat torturous for someone like me who is incapable of making the simplest decisions: "Paper or plastic?" "Umm....I don't know. Let's see...paper seems better for the environment but plastic is easier to carry. But then again...."

There are a few things that seemed just right though. I know it's cliche but when I put my wedding gown on for the first time I just knew it was the right dress. I had figured out the best way to go about trying on gowns was to close my eyes while I was being zipped into it and the train was being arranged and then open them to get the full effect. Once I put the veil on my choice was sealed. I just felt so beautiful and special I didn't want to take it off!

I also felt confident we chose the right florist. I remember we visited three florists in one day. The first one was a large company that seemed kind of like a wedding factory. I knew something was off when they said they never turn down a wedding. I felt as though I was going to get something very generic when what I was looking for was something unique.

The second place we visited was the one we went with. It's run by a couple who at one point sold their florist shop to focus on doing the flowers for events and run the business out of their house. For one thing they have 3 cats roaming their house and the name of the business is even named after a cat: The Cheshire Tree. Secondly the owner really sat down and listened to everything I had to say, helped guide my choices in terms of what flowers would be in season for the colors I wanted, and she even remembered the specific flower arrangements she had done for other weddings in order to show me pictures.

We did end up going to another florist which was the one recommended by our catering hall. But again they just seemed very generic and not very helpful in trying to customize what we wanted. I felt like I was expected to know everything about flowers when at the time I didn't know an iris from an orchid. (Now I'm at a point where I walk past bouquets and can name every flower!)

I also love the place we chose for the reception and ceremony. They have a beautiful garden looking out onto a lake for the ceremony and then an outdoor tent for cocktails. I also liked that the ballroom had large windows looking out on the lake which let in a lot of sunlight. The nicest part for me is that it's down the street from the house I grew up in. My mother used to take me swimming at the same lake and occasionally we could make out a bride and groom on the other side. Now I'll be that bride!

So when I start to doubt my choices in other areas I try to think of these things where it just felt right. There's no knitting to show in this post as I'm making some things for the wedding and prefer to keep them a secret until that day... but I promise lots of pics afterwards. It's hard for me to even think of afterwards. The whole last year has been focused on this one day it seems surreal as if the whole world will just stop after that.


Alyssa said...

I'm glad JF likes the stockings. Maybe we could team up and make him an extra frilly pair!

I'm sure after all your planning everything will work out and it will the perfect day! See you Wednesday!

(man I used a lot of exclamation points)

Jennu said...

It was the same way for me--I came down with a case of temporary stupidity for a couple of months before the weddnig. There was just too much going on for me to be able to think straight. My husband developed the temporary stupidity closer to the wedding when I had completely run out of patience.

I figure if our relationship survived that, it'll survive anything.

Sarah said...

Try not to stress the decisions too much. The important ones are made - you have the perfect guy, dress, location and flowers. The rest is just details and they will all fall into place for you.

See you on Wednesday for knitting fun!

lekkercraft said...

sounds like you're almost ready! your location sounds beautiful with the outdoors and the lake. very excited for you!