Sunday, January 27, 2008

Crazy for Calendars!

I had submitted a design for the Knitting Pattern-A-Day calendar last year. I figured I didn't get in since I
had sent it so close to the deadline I had probably missed it plus the fact that I never heard back from them. I re-sent it for next year's calendar and got an email back this time stating that my pattern was already in the 2008 calendar. I was December 8th and they would send me a free copy in the mail. That was the best surpise ever!

If you bought this calendar you can be patient and wait or just skip ahead to December and check it out. It was actually co-designed by me and JF. It was his vision then we worked out the math together and I chose the yarn and knit it up.

I made it to go with his Jimmie Johnson NASCAR jacket.
If you've seen JF out and about you've probably seen him wearing his Racing Stripes Scarf. It was good to work on this pattern together because I never would have thought to mimic the stripes on the hood of a race car on my own!

Even though I knew way ahead of time about my other calendar design I was still super excited to get this package in the mail. It came from Bust magazine since that's where Debbie Stoller works as editor-in-chief.

Inside was the Stitch 'n Bitch Page-A-Day 2008 Calendar. I had this calendar last year and enjoyed looking forward to little knitting tidbits each day.

Again, if you don't mind skipping ahead check me out on October 24th. My Arrowhead Socks are the 'Socks of the Month.' JF took that pic of me (err rather my feet) in Charles Schultz Park. It's a great little park on the Upper East Side by my old apartment. They have benches where you can sit and look out at the water. I endured multiple stares as I positioned myself on my back on the bench with my feet up in the air and JF shouting, "Hold still... show me some more toe..I said more toe!"


Sarah said...

Congrats on the patterns being published! That's so cool. And the photo shoot for the socks sound hilarious!

I'm back in the city... Can't wait to see you again!

aruni said...

congratulations on all of your designs being published--i saw the new stitch n bitch book in barnes and noble this've made it big! :)

nicolina said...

congrats! two patterns published. wowzer! what, oh what, will you do next??

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Ainsley said...

Congratulations! Yay for October 24 and December 8.