Thursday, August 02, 2007

Baby Fever

When I was coming off my sock phase and starting on a mittens jag last winter I announced, "Mittens are the new socks!" Well lately all my knitting has been baby related. Are babies the new mittens?

I made the above hat for my friend and former co-worker Rachel's baby. I knew she was pregnant back in December and even bought the yarn soon after. It wasn't until July I realized that the baby would arrive soon looking for his hat!

It's the same yarn (Louisa Harding's Kimono Angora) and basically the same pattern I designed for A-M's baby's hat. I used brighter yarn with more male appropriate colors and ix-nayed the bow. After I finished it I realized it might be a tad impractical for a summer baby but all babies need hats when the AC is blowing, right?

She delivered the baby in the same hospital I work at so I was able to visit her when she was first admitted for observation and then once she had delivered. Unfortunately I didn't get to see the baby in person or try it on him since there were some minor complications and he needed to stay in the nursery. But I saw the pics her husband had taken on his camera and the baby was really cute. I think my friend was actually more upset than I was that she couldn't show me and my co-worker her new baby.

In other baby Knitting Knews the Feather and Fan Baby Blanket is nearly ready to be bound off. The baby cardigan with matching feather and fan trim has the body and 1 arm completed. Good thing because my niece is due in October and the baby shower is next month. Wow, time really flies. My future sister-in-law is requesting a sweater for her two year old this winter since the one I made a couple years back was such a hit. The baby knitting never stops!

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What, no wedding knitting first? ;)