Thursday, July 19, 2007

Shiny Happy Stitch Markers Holding Hands....

I revamped my Etsy shop, CodePurl, a couple weeks ago. Fellow jewelry maker, Nicole, had showed me some new wire twisting techniques so my stitch markers are now snag proof and more uniform looking. One of my favorites, Swirly Stitch Markers, are pictured above. Don't they look almost magical the way the light hits them?

These Chinese Lucky Star Stitch Markers are a new addition to my shop. I bought the beads in San Francisco's version of Chinatown. Every time I look at these I think of the great trip Julian and I took back in March. It will be hard to part with these but there are more where these came from!

Simple but beautiful my Fiery Red Stitch Markers are a real knockout! I'm going to continue to work on new products so be sure to check back often.

1 comment:

Alex said...

Pretty! The problem is, it's not a stitch decrease when I changed needles (I did used to do that somehow) It's a mistake in my lace-work, I think...and I just always screw up that needle.

When are we meeting up again? I need knitting encouragement!