Friday, July 06, 2007

Felting Finale!

The last segment in our three part series here at Knitting Knews!

The knitting and sewing were all done. We went up to JF's parents house to mooch off their free washer. I was surprised how much the laptop case shrunk after one "power wash" in hot water. I thought at first it had shrunk way too much but then realized all I had to do was block it to the correct dimensions.

Blocking involved a joint effort of stretching out all sides and the flap and using thumbtacks to keep it in place. It dried out in the sunlight on the deck (remind me why I live in NYC again??)

Feeling inspired when I got home I made another attempt at a hand knitted cat toy. I put a purple and blue strand together of some leftover yarn from the baby blanket I'm perpetually working on. I basically free-styled a fish shape as I went using a bunch of techniques including short rows, picking up stitches, knitting in the round, and a 3 needle bind off. Who knew a little toy could be so complicated!?

I filled it with catnip and offered it to our resident cat toy tester....

The result? I couldn't even take a clear pic of Cosette with the toy as she was going so wild for my knitting...err, I mean the catnip!

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Alex said...

I love the felted laptop case! Any chance yo've got the dimensions for a macbook??