Sunday, May 20, 2007

New Beginnings

Now that my Secret Feet Socks are done I gave myself permission to cast on a new project. This is going to be a baby raglan cardigan using the new Sock/Baby fingering weight yarn I bought from Tess's Designer Yarns at MDSW. It's going to be for my sister's baby who is due in October. I'm pretty sure at this point that neither she or the other non-knitters in my family read my blog on a regular basis. At first I was disappointed but then I realized I have free rein to post about any projects I'm making for them without worrying about spoiling the surprise!

Since we don't know yet whether she's having a boy or a girl I chose this rainbow colored yarn figuring it could go either way. Now that I'm knitting it up it definitely looks more girly than, umm, "boyee." I've gotten a couple more inches done since this pic was taken and the pink and purple really jump out at you. So here's hoping for a girl or at least that she doesn't take gender rules too seriously!

This is such an exciting time right now for my family with me planning to get married and my sister expecting a baby. Then my mother called the other day to tell me about a big promotion she got at work. I guess good things really do come in 3's! Hmm, maybe my sis will end up having triplets ;-)

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lekkercraft said...

fun! i like the colorway a lot. do you have a specific pattern you are using, or are you winging it? i have to start on some baby knitting for my cousin and am looking for some good newborn/infant patterns for fall/winter too.