Monday, April 02, 2007

"Cosette, I love you very much...."

JF and I finally caved and adopted a cat. We hadn't planned on it Sunday when we went to North Shore Animal League just to look around. But then I saw this beauty:

At first we were a little hesitant to get her because she seemed a little down and had been labelled "picky eater" by the staff. We took her home and upon realizing she smelled like a foot proceeded to give her a bath:

Later she seemed curious as to what we were cooking but wasn't eating much of her own food:

Once she was clean and adjusting better she started eating some wet food. She wouldn't eat any of the dry food we put out. It was Wellness brand that she had recieved at the shelter. The next day we bought her Nutro dry food and she loves it!

I made her some handknit cat toys. To my delight she actually liked them and started battting them all over the apartment. Later we sprayed them with catnip and she liked them even more! Check out this purse she can take with her on shopping trips to Petco:

She was also keen on this fish toy I made:

I made these toys freeform without any pattern. I'm working on short row heel socks right now and started playing around with short rows on these toys. I figured I'd come out with either a ball or a mouse. I think these are more orginial though :-)

And for you theatre buffs out there; Yes, she is named after the character Cosette from Les Miserables. Of couse she is anything but miserable in her new home!


Annie said...

What cat could eat or be happy in an animal shelter? Don't you fret, Monsier Marius, I don't feel any pain...a little fall of rain, can hardly hurt me now... *sigh* Looks like a little TLC did the trick!

Mintyfresh said...

congrats! i'm starting to seriously consider getting a cat for the first time in my life. this is very inspiring!

Knitting Ewe said...

I love the little kitty purse, so cute!

lekkercraft said...

cosette is beautiful and looks like she's very sweet. and at least you know she is receptive to your knitting!